Month: April 2016

#9 – Termite

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Don’t stop – no time. Keep hunting, keep going, keep working. No time. Don’t pause: they’re counting on me. What if I stop? No! Never stop. Stop and you die. Stop and you fall to the dark place below: to the mound of rotting corpses forgotten, spent; fodder for the roots of the trees on which we feast. No: keep going, stay useful, stay relevant. Never stop. Straighten my tie, switch on the screen, drink the coffee and rock no boats.  Protect the hive, protect the Queen:  a good little worker, always.

(c) Tim Austin 2016

What a word to be handed!  Thanks to the charming force of nature that is Aliki Chapple – Actor, Luddite, proud Grecian and Activist.  You can find her on stage with The Rose Company or on Twitter at @amaenad 

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#8 – Orb

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Starscape Jeremy Thomas

I saw such worlds that day.  Skies of burnt orange and mountains of glass: rings of glittering crystal stretching from horizon to horizon.  Seas made of joy lapped at sands of pain and loss: footprints of creatures unknown to me slowly sinking to nothing.  All of this captured in the dark of my master’s room, shining from the sphere I held in my palm.

A footstep on a stair shook my rapture.  A presence behind me chilled my spine. 

The jewel shattered when he struck me down.  

Now, in my blindness, those worlds live only in my dreams.

(c) Tim Austin 2016

Today’s word, Orb, was suggested by the magnificently talented Adam York Gregory – Artist, Animator and Thoroughly Good Egg.  You can find him at and on Twitter @Adam_Y 

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# 7 – Ache

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Tarmac flew beneath Stephen’s feet, the last mile inching to a stuttering, shuffling end.  He was in hell.  The heat was scorching against his face and his fuzzy owl costume sloshed with sweat.  A ball of pain welled and burned in his chest, his limbs leaden and gummed in treacly fatigue.  But now the finish line was in sight, the roar from the crowd dull and distant in his ears.  There she was: her watery gaze peeking over the top of her cannula, her banner waving over her wheelchair.  Stephen the Owl: Marathon runner, couch potato.  Hero.

(c) Tim Austin 2016

Today’s word, “Ache”, was suggested by the beautiful Lori Bannerman – Performance Poet, Storyteller and Liver of “The Dream”.  You can find out more about her at

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#6 – Fighting

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Every breath was defiance: every kick was flung against a fate that was as cruel and cold as the depths below.  Amid the mountainous swells, crashing and flailing as spray stung his cheeks, the last of the Derby PALS rolled and twisted in the grey dawn.  A thousand miles away his love was waiting; a thousand miles away, a father would be welcomed home.  A new day was dawning on the surging mid-Atlantic, the Laconia now settling to her bed and sleeping far below.  A wedding was expected back in England: a searchlight was gleaming on the horizon.

(c) Tim Austin 2016

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#5 – Paid

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The Dark Haired Man’s eyes gleamed as silver coins tumbled against his palm.  He knew the amount and he knew not to check it: The Egyptian always paid in full.  Cigar smoke twisted against the ceiling, a dust-laden fan cutting each wisp into the close, rancid air.  He watched it spin to nothing, looking through the fug at a future full of golden sands and endless moonlit nights.  Sparks flared against glass as the Dark Haired Man stubbed the cigar out and gazed down at The Egyptian’s lifeless body.  “Always nice doing business with you.”

(c) Tim Austin 2016

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#4 – Produce

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“Oranges and Lemons, 60p a Pound!  Get yer caulis, get yer carrots, get yer five a day wrapped up and ready!  Special closing down prices!  Last day, last chance!  Come and get yer spuds, yer kale, yer broken dreams and bitter regrets.  Don’t miss out: half price on unfamiliar cologne and hurried phone calls.  Avocado at special prices!  Strawberries fresh from the field.  Get them while they’re fresh, get them while they’re raw, get them while tucking your daughter in, all alone for the sixth night in a row. Last day, last chance!  Special closing down prices,…”

(c) Tim Austin 2016

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