Month: December 2016

Time Off and Merry Christmas!

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Keen eyed readers may have noted that I’ve been away for a couple of weeks.  There is both good and unwelcome news behind this.

First up, my wife and I have finally been able to announce that we are expecting our first child (yay!).  Sadly, my wife has been unwell and it has thrown both of our routines into something of a tailspin as we try and ensure the wellbeing of our future little one.

I’ll update you all on “things” in the new year.

For now, have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Tim x

#104 – Recompense

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Palm flat.  Hand turned up.  He’s waiting for you.

Don’t reach out too fast.  Don’t seem desperate: make him wait for it.  Listen to the crowd and let the moment breathe.  Let it happen.

Step away.  Hear the hiss of air through ten thousand sets of teeth.  Don’t smile at it – remember who you are.

There it is,… the boos have started, spreading through the arena like a virus.  Glorious.

Now is the time. Step back through the ropes.

An hour of agony and blood.  A smile between secret friends.

“Hellava match, man.  Hellava match,….”

“Same time tomorrow?”

(c) Tim Austin 2016.  Image by Martin Kníže via Unsplash.

So this is my take on the word “Recompense”, what’s yours?  Write your own and pop me a link!  And if you’d like to suggest a word for me to use as a title, please do!

Today’s word was suggested by Marple25Mary – a short story writer and connoisseur who can be found at  Say hello!


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