Month: March 2021

#105 – Cardiovert

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“Are you okay?”

Bill didn’t dare say. There was too much work hanging on this.

The bare, black door stood between him and his future. 40 minutes from now, a hundred people could have work enough to last a decade. He could already see their smiles and their joy. He could already feel their relief.

Bill clutched his shoulder and winced, shaking out his arm as his head swam and his chest tightened. He raised his hand to knock. He was so close. So close.

“I’m fine,” he spat, striking his knuckle to the door.

Just 40 minutes,…

(c) Tim Austin 2021. Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash

It’s about time,…..

Yup, I’ve started writing OWOS stories again! After a period of Burnout, I feel able to get back into the swing of these again – maybe not every day but I’ll try at least every week.

It’s good to be back 🙂

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