Who is Tim Austin?

Hi, I’m Tim Austin – thanks for joining me for this crazy project!

I’m a Short Story Author, Storyteller, Copywriter, Public Speaking Coach and occasional Actor based in North Yorkshire, England (busy!)  I live with my wife, Collette, and our ever-growing collection of “things that may one day be useful.”  I’d prefer a dog, truth be told.

I started my writing as a teenager, writing and recording audio dramas based on Doctor Who – back in those cold, dark days when it was off our screens.  I went on to write short stories and play scripts, eventually studying Dramaturgy at university.

In recent years I turned my attention to writing commercially as a Copywriter – and still do, over at wingcopywriting.co.uk – but I keep writing for fun and have a few stories and books available (You can click the links below for these).  I’ve a new collection of short stories nearly ready to go on Kindle and storyboards for no less than 3 full-length novels.  One day I’ll find the money to write them.

You can find out more about written works by clicking the images below.

Santa Cover

The Santa Beneath The Ice Chapter One

House Mouse Cover

Christmas Tails Cover Tim Austin