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I’m sure most of you reading this have come across “Word Association”.  Usually used by psychiatrists, it’s the technique where you say a word and the other person says the first word that springs to mind.

For me, it’s images.  I see a word and an image forms – it’s one of the reasons that I enjoy writing so much.

So what would happen if I took those images and wrote the first story that springs to mind based on that image?  Well, that’s the challenge I’m setting myself with this blog.

One Word: One Story,… every day for the next 365 days of 2016/17.

Yes, I’m a bit crazy.  But let’s see what shakes loose!

The rules:

Just one word each day: picked at random or donated via Twitter or Facebook.

No thinking: write the story as it happens.  Leave it.  Return to it and edit it a little a few hours later without changing the core of the tale.

100 words:  That’s all I have to tell each story – a maximum word count of 100 words.  I can make it shorter but not longer.

The first story will appear above Tomorrow at 3pm and every day at 3pm every day at 7.30am GMT from then on out.  Send me any words you want me to write about – I’ll be compiling a list of “Used” words on another tab.

Subscribe to the blog (It’s the “Follow” button that’s floating to the bottom right of your screen) and get notified of every story!  It only takes a second.  Hit that button and start reading as I start writing.

Tim x


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