#18 – Ooze

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I don’t know what made me do it.  God knows.  But it just seemed so,.. natural.  Many things do after a few drinks.  I didn’t think about how weird it was to see a silver straw poking from an old stone wall.  It was the lipstick mark at the tip and the line of sticky syrup that caught my eye.  Someone had seen this on the street and puckered up.  And if they could,….

The men in white coats are staring at me.  I think they want to use the knives again.

….. The syrup wasn’t even that sweet.

(c) Tim Austin 2016

Hey, don’t blame me!  This is the kind of imagery I get to some words,… I need a psychiatrist,… 

Thanks to Ian Abbot – creative adventurer and artist – for today’s word.  You can find him at http://www.thegeometrician.com/ or on Twitter @TheGeometrician.

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Come back tomorrow for “Tendrils”.


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