#36 – Cat

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The cat’s eyes shone in dull dis-interest as it gazed through the window that night.  From street light to street light people strode by: fleeting moments glimpsed in amber.

A young couple walked past, their hands clasped tight, palm to palm.  The cat had seen the girl before: her father didn’t approve of her dating.  Her dress hadn’t been zipped back up properly.

And then there was Mrs. Pearson, still pushing her shopping trolley, the empty bottles rattling within.  She’d made this journey twice every night since that day she wore black.

But the cat didn’t care.

The cat was hungry.

(C) Tim Austin 2016. Image courtesy of Miguel Angel Ruíz Sánchez via Unsplash.

Today’s one word story comes from Kathleen Kelly – a frequent coffee companion of mine and owner of possibly the fluffiest cat alive.  

I’m looking for new one-word titles!  I need more!  Please pop your suggestions in the comments section below or tweet me @timaustin2k using the hashtag #onewordonestory.

Please continue to share the stories and spread the word!  I’ll see you tomorrow for “Mercy”.

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