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There is a new challenge for One Word One Story: write your own story based any of the one word titles I’ve already used, or based on a title you’re donating to me!

I’ve been given “Fireball” as a word and I’ll be posting my own take on it shortly. JM Williams, the fabulous sci-fi writer who’s donated said word, has already written his take – and here it is!

Thanks JM!

– What would YOU write if given 100 words and the title “Fireball”? Pop something together and link it here!


This is a prompt for the author of One Word, One Story. The word prompt is “fireball.” And I’m going to add the rule that it must be a S.F. or Fantasy story, since that’s what I do.

I sit on the cold stone looking up at the glowing sky. Our once red star flares with spectacular light and color. It is the most amazing sight I have seen in my long life.

Most of my people have fled our homeworld, having known the end was coming. Only myself, and a few others remain, the ones who have experienced all life can offer except for the wonder of an exploding star.

As I wait for the end, I think about my children. I wonder if they found a new home. There are so many stars in the galaxy like ours, I feel certain of their success. 

The air is…

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