#24 – Breath

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I’m sure my eyes are open but,… No.  Oh god, no!  Please, PLEASE,.. no!  Sadie!!  Sadie, where are you?! I can’t,… the water,… shit,… it’s in my mouth,.. SADIE!  Don’t talk: stay calm, reach out.  God, the water!  So cold, Jesus! I wasn’t driving fast,.. just a deer in the,…

The seatbelt won’t unlatch.  It won’t,…. There she is,… oh God,… I can’t,… water over my eyes,… sinking,… sinking,…

I’m sorry, Sadie.  For so much.  I wish you could hear me.  Don’t go.  Please.

Squeeze my hand.  It’ll be okay.  I’m with you, Sadie.  At least this time,…. I’m here,…


(c) Tim Austin 2016

Today’s word, “Breath” was suggested by the magnificent Mel Churcher who’s book, “A Screen Acting Workshop”, is my bible.  Thank you for the word, Mel!  You can buy the book here and follow her on Twitter @MelChurcher.

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#18 – Ooze

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I don’t know what made me do it.  God knows.  But it just seemed so,.. natural.  Many things do after a few drinks.  I didn’t think about how weird it was to see a silver straw poking from an old stone wall.  It was the lipstick mark at the tip and the line of sticky syrup that caught my eye.  Someone had seen this on the street and puckered up.  And if they could,….

The men in white coats are staring at me.  I think they want to use the knives again.

….. The syrup wasn’t even that sweet.

(c) Tim Austin 2016

Hey, don’t blame me!  This is the kind of imagery I get to some words,… I need a psychiatrist,… 

Thanks to Ian Abbot – creative adventurer and artist – for today’s word.  You can find him at http://www.thegeometrician.com/ or on Twitter @TheGeometrician.

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#14 – Archive

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Shadows smothered the vaulted halls of the General Register Office, a handful of grimy lamps spewing dim light into the stuffy air.  Sam Desmond was at home here.  In the darkness, he would wander the metal maze of filing cabinets, reading and enjoying each document before slipping them into their allotted draw.  In those files whole lives were condensed to dry descriptions: “Rhonda Jones: Died age 38, Teacher”.  “Charles West: Died age 73, Retired”.  Here they slept in ink and paper, neglected by all but him.  Smiling, Sam opened the newest file.  “Sam Desmond: Died age 60, Filing Clerk”.

(c) Tim Austin 2016

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