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#56 – Trapdoor

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Lloyd Dirks

The wooden boards above creaked, curtains of dust sluicing down and stinging Benedict’s eyes.  He blinked it away and looked at his watch.  Two minutes.

He couldn’t hear the argument above but he knew what it was about.  It was the same night after night.  One girl, one guy, a star-crossed love affair turning sour due to the machinations of a Stage Magician.

It really wasn’t a good play.

Benedict looked at his watch again.  2 minutes.

He tapped it.  Nothing happened.  There was silence above.

Scrambling up the ladder, he peeked through the trapdoor.


The Stage Magician was late.

(c) Tim Austin 2016.  Promo image by Lloyd Dirks via Unsplash.

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