#61 – Prime

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Jorge Illich-Gejo

The Silverback watched from the the undergrowth, his slab-like fists balled into the black earth.  The valley was his.

Around the Silverback, the forest chirped and chittered to the sound of a billion insects.  High in the treetops, Chimps swung to perch, gazing down at the Gorilla with nervous curiosity.  One swipe of his arm would crush them.  One charge of his thundering bulk and they would be no more.

Yet it was not the Silverback they feared.

The upright ape was there.  The clothed beast, sawing at the arms of the Gorilla’s mate.

The Silverback watched from the undergrowth.

(c) Tim Austin 2016.  Promo image by Jorge Illich-Gejo via Unsplash.

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