#60 – Pleasure

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Roksolana Zasiadko

Hannah’s breath caught in her chest, stilled for a moment as she trembled in the darkness.

Once again her lips were parted by cool flesh, a berry gliding between and tracing against her teeth.  She opened her mouth: a begging acceptance.  The cold of the fruit mixed with sudden hot breath against her neck.  Her eyelids fluttered.

There was a gentle smack against her naked thigh.

“No, Hannah. Eyes closed.” His voice was a low purr.

A shiver ran through her flesh, her mind swimming, her senses swamped by sensation.

“Now, Hannah,…”

The fruit was pulled away.

“Open you legs.”

(c) Tim Austin 2016. Promo image by Roksolana Zasiadko via Unsplash.

Okay, this one probably counts as NSFW! 

The first erotic short story on the One Word One Story blog.  I had actually written one for “Breath” but it was a bit,… much.  Enjoy!

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