#84 – Disfigurement

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Dawn Armfield

“Oi! Freddy Krueger!”

The teenage boy sneered as the rock left his hand and span against the armrest of the man’s wheelchair.

“I said oi!”

The man didn’t move.

The gang could see his reflection in the store window.  His face was white and smooth: burned flesh twisted, his eyes milky. The boy threw another stone, laughing as it whistled past the man’s ear.

The store owner ran out and the gang scattered, their sneering cries echoing down the street.

“Hey man, why didn’t you say something?”

“Because” the burned man replied, “he wasn’t like that before the fire,…”

(c) Tim Austin 2016.  Image by Dawn Armfield via Unsplash.

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#53 – Faith

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Charlie Foster

Jeanie held her arms out to each side.  The balls of her feet balanced against the edge of the stage: her heels hung in the air.

“That’s it, Jeanie: now fall back and the other girls will catch you,” the teacher cooed.

“Well of course they will,” Jeanie thought.

She knew them.  Jeanie knew they’d do exactly as they were told.  Jeanie had dunked the geeky one’s head in the toilet just last week.  The spotty one still had a bust lip.

She closed her eyes and fell backwards.

There was a giggle.

(c) Tim Austin 2016.  Promo Image by Charlie Foster via Unsplash.

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