Revenge Stories

#63 – Cistern

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Dan Watson

“I know What You Did.”

Patrick thought about the words he’d seen that morning: the careful lines of the cut letters, the smell of sulphur from the envelope.  He shook the thought away, reaching for the toilet paper.

Outside the cubicle his security would be waiting – they knew his routine.  Routine and strength were the paths to order.  It was a pity that the letter writer hadn’t understood that.

Patrick flushed the toilet.

It made no sound.

Just beyond, the bathroom door clattered closed.

The last words flashed in his memory as the ticking in the cistern suddenly stopped.

“You’ll pay.”

(c) Tim Austin 2016.  Promo image by Dan Watson via Unsplash.

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#53 – Faith

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Charlie Foster

Jeanie held her arms out to each side.  The balls of her feet balanced against the edge of the stage: her heels hung in the air.

“That’s it, Jeanie: now fall back and the other girls will catch you,” the teacher cooed.

“Well of course they will,” Jeanie thought.

She knew them.  Jeanie knew they’d do exactly as they were told.  Jeanie had dunked the geeky one’s head in the toilet just last week.  The spotty one still had a bust lip.

She closed her eyes and fell backwards.

There was a giggle.

(c) Tim Austin 2016.  Promo Image by Charlie Foster via Unsplash.

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